The Morning After the First 2020 Presidential Debate and

Rough Times Personally and Politically, Plus The Alex and Ronni Show

What a conversation you guys had on Wednesday following the so-called debate the night before. I didn't join in but I followed along and you were doing quite well without me.

I gave up the “debate” after the first 25 or 30 minutes. There was no point in going further. Well, there was no point after the first three minutes; we've seen that Donald Trump every day for nearly five years. Nothing changes except that he becomes more monstrous.

Apparently, he is now calling for militia at voting stations. Armed?

Undoubtedly, my patience is stretched because personally, it has been a rough couple of weeks in terms of my diseases. In a previous post I mentioned the lack of sleep – three nights (not quite in a row) without a single moment of shut-eye.

Finally, after a night of sleep for eight, uninterrupted hours, the world felt sunny again. I think that sleep may be a cure-all. Well, maybe not for cancer and COPD but it sure does help my mood.

Daily life has changed quite a bit in a short period of time. Here's what I do best: sit. Or lie down. Oh, I'm capable of personal care. And I cook, minimally but enough to eat. I clean up the kitchen. All of it slowly.

A cleaning services comes now every two weeks along with a food shopping-and-delivery service. I should have done those two things a long time ago but it is hard to give up the life-long routines of living – even when you know you are dying.

Or rather, it is for me – who knows about other people. When I arrived to care for her during her final months, my mother went to bed and assumed I would take care of everything – everything – from then on. And I did.

Back to our annus horribilus of politics for a moment:

What is wrong with people who are sitting on the political fence and say they don't know who to vote for. Come on. The Trumpers are irredeemable so we ignore them to the degree that we do not let them win or force a coup.

But undecided? Really? You can't tell the difference between life under Trump and life under Biden? Then begone with you. You're not fit to call yourself American.

Harsh? You betcha. The United States is fighting for its life.

Biden may not be the ideal candidate for this terrible time we live in but he is decent. He believes in democracy. He will do everything possible with the help of the best and brightest people we have to control the virus and set our poor, troubled, wobbly ship of state on a better course.

Trump, on the other hand, will do everything in his power to stay in office (there is plenty he can do and he has plenty of enablers already in place) and turn himself into dear leader for life. I am terrified for our country and you should be too.

Here is this week's Alex and Ronni Show. I can't recall right now what we talked about but it's not as important as what I just wrote.

You can check out Alex's online talk show here.


And, now, the "hoax virus" resides at the Resolute desk.

Whoever is elected won't be able to put this country back together again. This is depressing.

Some years after Mom died I searched how people have dealt with the loss of a parent and found your story about your mom. What a kind and decent person you are. Thank you.

My mind and my love is with you every day Ronni. I have many days that I wish to go with you.

Ah, yes, the "Undecideds." Are you serious? I read a quote the other day from one of those on-the-fencers: "I am still undecided but will vote for the candidate I believe will help bring our fractured country together." How is it possible that any sentient being does not see that Donald Trump's entire strategy is built around making the fracture completely beyond repair? I, too, despair for our country.

I'm so glad you didn't subject yourself to watching the whole "debate" fiasco!
About the fence sitters, I guess I have to lump them in with the "smart" people who are definitely for Trump, and the people who know they shouldn't wear masks despite the advice of those who've studied infectious disease for years. There are probably others. I realize more than ever in my life, how little I understand my human planet dwellers. It's been a discouraging, humbling lesson.
You look so great, I'm encouraged to go comb my hair, and maybe even put in an earring or two! Much love and peace to you, Ronnie, always and forever.

Social media is all a-buzz this morning commenting that the President may not actually have the virus. How sad it has come to that.

At 3AM this morning as I was pacing the floors in my tiny house, the word shipwreck was all I could think. We are living a shipwreck.
Take care of yourself best you can. Love Marian

Ronnie—you will never know how much you have helped me. I too have invasive cancer along with being a full-time caretaker to my husband. Stress is a way of life for me. I love you for sharing the road to death. It is giving me a sense of peace, which I may not have had otherwise. My thoughts and heart are with you as you continue your life journey.

Regarding your question in the last radio program as to how to explain why people don’t see Trump for who he is, the late writer and psychiatrist Scott Peck (best known for the Road Less Traveled) dealt with this in his book The People of the Lie. It’s been a while since I read the book, but I believe he asked, and attempted to answer, a similar question in terms of Natzi Germany—how could so many not recognize, and just tolerate, what Hitler was doing to our Jewish brothers and sisters? Herd mentality (no pun intended), just evil permeating from one person to another to see another group/race as dangerous.

I personally think that a mayor element in the ambivalence we see in the so-called undecided voters group is based on “RACE,” even if they don’t realize or want to admit it. The ambivalent undecided voters likely will vote for Trump once they are inside the voting booth, where no one can judge them.

I sought refuge in this country 51 years ago from a country that lost its democracy. I’m so grateful that this country, and its people, welcomed me and gave me the opportunity to achieve, and succeed, at 2 different professions (one academic, one legal). Hopefully, I have contributed to this country’s greatness (beyond paying taxes), even if in a small way.

I am now heartsick to think that my 3 granddaughters may not be able to experience and live in a free democracy, the best in the world, with its good and bad things. I have considered myself to be a positive person, moving on to alternatives when events don’t quite go my way. But this time, I am less hopeful, because as a teenager, I experienced how a democracy is lost a step a time. We already are very close to it now. I likely won’t live to see it. I pray I am wrong for the sake of all of the young people of this great country. Always thinking of you, and thank you again.

As you commented in the Alex and Ronni show, it was interesting that Alex changed the subject in such a conspicuous way just as you were saying some fascinating things about the stages of dying. And when you made note of that, he responded as though he had done it for your benefit, even though you had just said, "I always want to talk about that!" I'm with you. I always do, too.

I am cheered . They have the virus that he has been denying since the beginning. There's 30 days till the election, and he is housebound.

At this point it’s impossible to be a Trump supporter and claim you are any sort of decent human being. He stands quite vocally for racism, white supremacy, misogyny, nepotism, and is, quite arguably, a traitor to this nation. If you support him, you support that, and you can’t credibly argue otherwise.

Two separate friends have mentioned that Trumpster acquaintances have recently said to them something along the lines of “Don’t worry, we’ll always be friends, no matter who you vote for.” Huh? What’s that about? Are they worried the Ego-in-Chief will be defeated and that THEY still be in OUR good graces? Nuts to that. I’m all for healing the nation, but: Never forget who his enablers and supporters are, what they’ve done (and would do again if given the chance), and what they stand for.

Ronni, in regards to the personal, I know you say you don’t feel brave, but I’ll be damned if you’re not one of the most courageous people that, thanks to this blog, I’ve come to know.

I love this entire blog so much. Ronnie Bennett! Ronni's posts, guest posts, and Peter Tibbles' Sunday Elder Music column. And the TGB village, every single participant and comment posted. Thank you, everyone, thank you! XOXO

Postscript on voting in the November 3 election

An expat eighteen years, I e-voted in the November national election for the first time. Voting remote this year is a no-brainer, a must. I delivered my eballot package (filled-out ballot, signed form that I am the Elector) to the American Embassy Consulate in Tel Aviv where they placed it with other USA citizen mailings in a diplomatic pouch for delivery to the USA. And from there, each item in the pouch is mailed to the address on the envelope (my state and county overseas voting unit). Feeling optimistic, hopeful ...

So the would-be Emperor of tRumpystan apparently now has the virus that he assured the rest of us would "just disappear--like a miracle" while he did almost nothing to help Americans protect themselves. He continued to hold cheek-by-jowl rallies and meetings with his advisers--all 99% mask-free. He thought he was smarter than medical experts who have devoted their entire careers to combatting infectious diseases. He thought he was smarter than the virus. Guess what? He's not!

I don't wish anyone ill (no, not even him) but I do hope he has serious enough symptoms to get his attention. Maybe then--I know it's a big maybe--he will take steps very belatedly to bring the pandemic under control in this country.

I'm with Patty-in-New-York. I can't imagine that any voters could actually still be "undecided". I just hope there are enough of us--and that we turn out to VOTE!--to hand the tRumpyan monster such an overwhelming defeat that he will be forced out of the White House beyond all question. It would be even better if We, the People, could boot Graham and McConnell out of the Senate, too!

Before posting my comment, let me join Patty-in-New-York in saluting your courage. So typical, that you shrug off tribute to your remarkable self. ...

They're pale replicas of the way you remember them, Ronni, and you'll miss Irene Cornell and Ben Farnsworth and Mary Gay Taylor and Steve Flanders and too many other on-air voices, but all-news WINS and WCBS-AM both stream 24/7 on Portland really has NO worthwhile radio? NPR too is a weak successor to the original, but is usually better than nothing (aka tv). I stream CNN and MSNBC like radio on android TuneIn.

Dunno how I'd survive without clock-radios that turn sound off after 90 minutes or so. One of my insomnia remedies is the BBC world service (when the subject is light), broadcast by public radio in NYC and surely elsewhere. Another is the syndicated Coast to Coast ex-Art Bell show--UFO abductees et al (just beware unrelated radical-right guests; current host too receptive to political bs). Also, I've never used them, thus believe I'm missing auditory feasts in podcasts and, etc. Have you tried them?

I also too often suffer whole-night insomnia so pls indulge another potion that sometimes works. If you can, get some Trader Joe's "cheddar rocket crackers"; otherwise settle for the pricier original, Goldfish. After I noticed them inducing unwanted afternoon naps, I started keeping a jar in my sleeping loft. They often work there too for me: No drug hangover, no crumbs.

Just paused video to shout enthusiastically ---
Write the Handbook !!!
Thank you in advance ;)

This quote from Fran Leibowitz resonated with me: “Trump allows people to express their racism and bigotry in a way that they haven’t been able to in quite a while and they really love him for that. It’s a shocking thing to realize people love their hatred more than they care about their own actual lives.”

Last night/this morning, several people of various religions were interviewed about how their faith informed their voting. One stated that she was a one-issue voter - on abortion. That type of voter will never agree with the majority of us.

I'm not getting to this until late ton9ight, but the up-side of that is that I get to read all the comments written today. Such good discussion, as always. Rather than add any other of my own thoughts, I'll just leave a recommendation that those who haven't read it check out the September 25 Weekly Dish article, "Yes This Is The Face Of A Tyrant," by Andrew Sullivan.

You changed my life. Thank you.

I, too, discovered how critical sleep was to my life a few years ago in ways different than when I was younger. I think when we reach our elder years the absence of sleep does become more critical to our bodies functioning efficiently. We don't have the reserves of energy we could generate when we were younger, I think, or at least for me that has seemed to be true. Certainly, when I've been ill with infection I've found the need for sleep to be especially important, so I'm sure that the issues with which you cope would make adequate sleep even more critical for your overall feelings and functions. I do wish you more shut-eye to meet your needs.

We do get an all news station in L.A., KNX 1070, does CBS News headlines on the hour but only for a very few minutes -- used to be two such stations. They're my go-to station for earthquake, any emergency.

As frustrated as I become with what has constituted TV news for many years I still feel compelled to strongly support those who make an effort to report verifiable facts and truth since a free press is so vital to our democracy. Some do still try to keeps us informed.

I have long thought the celebrity worship in our country has really gotten out of hand with adverse effects on our culture -- that and how readily so many are to seek being a celebrity as well as how one can be designated as being a celebrity for the most mundane things.

Do continue to take good care of yourself as best you can. Glad you have the extra help.

Brave and terrible truthtelling, Ronni. Brave because we defend ourselves by denying what is happening before our eyes.

The only remedy is for all of us to do what we can according to our different abilities to make the demand for a different President overwhelmingly loud and visible. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

I gotta say that with alI the Corona craziness going on out there you are doing great keep it up.
Love and Hugs,

I’m really late with this comment, but here goes anyway. I’m wondering if you have access to BBC World.? Trump features there as well, but only in short shots. World news is the focus, and of course from a British point of view, but it’s very solid. If you can, give it a try.
Oh, and we watch PBS News too, but that’s pretty COVID/Trump focussed these days also.

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