Ronni Bennett, 1941-2020

Election Day

This morning finds me with an overwhelming anxiety. I have been up for hours, and have reached for my phone three times to call one of the only people I know who could understand, empathize, and validate the terror I am feeling about the state of the world and more so, the state of our country. Ronni and I have spent COUNTLESS hours talking about health care, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, global warming, education, equality... well, you get it. Recently, however, our conversations had changed to the basic difference between right and wrong. We discussed that this election has drawn a moral line in the sand. We are no longer living in a time where we can discuss basic policy (am I insane to admit there are times that I miss W?) but instead, a time where we are deciding the fate of our country.

I promise that the future of this blog will not be one draped in political agenda. Ronni felt so strongly about this election — please VOTE.

– Autumn


Thanks for sharing. A great way to avoid stress and anxiety is by working out, staying active. Our site has a curated list of the top recumbent bikes for seniors these holidays. Feel free to click on our name and take a look.

Thanks again for sharing.

Goodbye all. Really hoped Autumn and music would continue for another while. Now truly alone...

Not related to this post or the election...

It's approaching Thanksgiving now and I just came back to acknowledge my gratitude for Ronni and all that she has done for us with this life of hers and this blog.
May you all be well and safe and constantly aware of the richness of this life, even now all locked down. <3

I was so hoping Autumn would continue at this place we all called home for so long. I guess, as MC posted, it really is goodbye ☹️

It's Thanksgiving day here in the U.S. Thinking of Ronni and in her honor, I will be listening to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.

I am so thankful for Ronni's words all these years.

Although we don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia, this year in particular I think all of us here are giving thanks for Ronni and her friendship and writings.
While Peter has done the work on his music column, I've always enjoyed all your comments on that and Ronni's other columns. And as Annie said, listening to Alice's Restaurant is the appropriate remembrance.
I hope all of you are keeping safe and well for now, and next year will be better.

Missing Ronni's blog so much. I haven’t seen any signs of a new one from Autumn. Am I just not knowing where to look?
Miss the camaraderie of like minded people and being able to express such relief that soon trump will be gone and a calm and decency have surfaced...
Hope someone sees this.....

Hope everyone had a good and safe Thans

Now that the election and Thanksgiving are past us, when can we expect you to write, Autumn? Please bring us up to date on events after Ronni's passing. We, her many friends, have lots of questions and would like to hear from you.

What Lutie said! I still check every morning hoping...then sorrow.

I have been waiting for instructions about how to continue to get As Time Goes By. I thought the blog was going to continue after Ronni's passing, but I have not received any notifications.

Anyone else?

Regina B

Regina B, the blog is still here and we can make comments. There just won't be any new posts with Ronni gone. Perhaps Autumn will occasionally post, but I don't think that was ever the plan. If, as a community, the readers want to continue to make comments, there is a list on the side of the blog that shows new comments. That's how I found yours. Hope this is a bit helpful. I know we are all sad to no longer have Ronni's take on the world.

Autumn, where oh where art thou???

Perhaps at some point Autumn will explain the situation with this blog so we won't need to speculate. I've just assumed she was in mourning and possibly taking care of matters associated with Ronni's passing -- all that can come up relative to business and possessions.
Hopefully she or others in her life haven't encountered the virus, her computer hasn't crashed or she hasn't lost the blog password!

I figured our patience was the kindest thing we could offer. That said, I guess we can continue to enjoy each other's company here by discussing various topics of the day, focusing on what it's really like to be old -- always mindful of how Ronni wanted us to conduct ourselves.

What do we do after someone we care about dies? I remember only too well my reaction to news unexpected of different friends death. Then there was all that transpired after my husband's sudden death -- how I coped, what I did or didn't do. The seemingly strange things that happened, along with tears and laughter.

Politics weighs heavily on my mind and like many of you there's much to be said with all that's going on. I miss the pithy comments and incredulous reactions Ronni might have had now, but she did seem to be trying to restrain herself from writing more on that topic by introducing other matters on her mind.

There's that January 5th runoff election in Georgia that could make a difference in the Senate. Still, I think Ronni wouldn't have been able to avoid commenting on some of the unbelievably craziness now, along with the concerns until our newly elected President is actually inaugurated and in the White House. Then what will happen?

Health care is a matter concerning all of us as does what goes on with Medicare.
Social Security funding certainly will continue needing our attention.
These are topic issues we can continue to share and talk about here along with our flukey daily life experiences that are overlooked or abused in the media.

There are those instances of language used that serves to disparage older people. Oh yes, the continuing examples of age discrimination in the work place. You know as well as I do the many other issues Ronni introduced that impact our lives as we age.

What would she have to say about these Covid-19 vaccines and distribution hierarchy -- any issues associated with trials in the aged population, for example? Can we ignore this raging virus as we approach the holiday season and the toll it's taking? For those who celebrate this season whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, both, or other, will the holiday be different from others remembered? What gifts do we aging folks most appreciate receiving or give to others?

Of course there has to be a mix of humor that helps keep us all sane. We need some music, but Peter's not here. Oh yes, and the unusual videos, the cute animals.

I could write a lot more but so could you. Autumn can easily step in at any time with whatever her thoughts and plans may be, which may even a bit different from all this. In the meantime dear friends, what should we talk about ?

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