Ronni Bennett, 1941-2020

Election Day

This morning finds me with an overwhelming anxiety. I have been up for hours, and have reached for my phone three times to call one of the only people I know who could understand, empathize, and validate the terror I am feeling about the state of the world and more so, the state of our country. Ronni and I have spent COUNTLESS hours talking about health care, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, global warming, education, equality... well, you get it. Recently, however, our conversations had changed to the basic difference between right and wrong. We discussed that this election has drawn a moral line in the sand. We are no longer living in a time where we can discuss basic policy (am I insane to admit there are times that I miss W?) but instead, a time where we are deciding the fate of our country.

I promise that the future of this blog will not be one draped in political agenda. Ronni felt so strongly about this election — please VOTE.

– Autumn


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Thanks again for sharing.

Goodbye all. Really hoped Autumn and music would continue for another while. Now truly alone...

Not related to this post or the election...

It's approaching Thanksgiving now and I just came back to acknowledge my gratitude for Ronni and all that she has done for us with this life of hers and this blog.
May you all be well and safe and constantly aware of the richness of this life, even now all locked down. <3

I was so hoping Autumn would continue at this place we all called home for so long. I guess, as MC posted, it really is goodbye ☹️

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