Thank you for such a comprehensive list of elder blogs. It will be fun to start bookmarking my favorites. I also heard about a great services yesterday that can be very useful to people who can't read blogs, but who can listen. SoundGecko (a website and an app) translates blog posts into audio so you can listen later (it downloads to an MP3 file).

Hi: To your amazing list, I would like to add three aging sites with blogging:,, and Thanks.

Wonderful to have all of these listed in one place. Thank you!

I am giving myself a big treat and a little challenge. I am going to read a little from every one of the blogs listed. For several reasons, mainly to learn from these nice writers. 2nd, to get inspiration to start writing myself again. 3rd, I want to win an Elder Blogger badge.

Thanks for a grand resource list for all of us boomers and seniors to visit. I appreciate the time it must have taken you to put all this together. Blogging is fun but not always easy :) Have a great week.

Thanks for including me, Ronni. May you and your readers be well and happy in 2014.

The list was great and very helpful. Please continue posting new content.

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