Thank you, thank you, for updating the Elder Blogger list. It is my "can't sleep" entertainment. Betty

Thank you very much for adding my blog to your list. I feel quite honored.

Thank you, also, for this invaluable list. I love to find new blogs.

Happy New Year, may 2014 be a grand year.

Would you consider adding to your list? I'm 70 - have just started a new full time job in October - and am keeping my weekly post schedule nonetheless. I'd appreciate joining some of the illustrious company on your list! Thank you.
Niki Sebastian

I noticed an increase in visitors to my blog today and then traveled here only to find myself listed on your blogger list. Thanks!!

This has to be so much work to keep updated. I appreciate it and love reading the elderblogs. Thanks so much for including me. :)

Did I miss somethng? Where oh where is Darlene? I vaguely remember she had some sort of trouble with her
computer connections? or maybe something completely different?
While I am an off and on computer user I do dearly love Darlene!
Thanks for your very hard work on all these blogs Ronni and of course I do enjoy you too! Especially tales of your youth as I enjoy mine in retrospect.

I am honoured to be included.

Just read on your main page that you are taking a wee break, and wanted to say it is well-deserved....and to thank you for everything you do: your excellent research and writing, your leadership and kindness, and certainly keeping this long list updated. You are amazing!

I've just discovered this wonderful site and would like to add my blog to your list. How do I go about doing that?

Just curious, when did this blog first start? It's quite good!

love to be added to the group. have place a link to you site on my blog

I'd love to be added to the blog list the next time you do an update. Thanks for compiling the list.

As a senior citizen myself, I am experiencing the bitter-sweet pangs of ageing gracefully(I hope).We live in a society that idolizes youth-there is no point in denying that reality.But we can stay relevant by deploying our much-touted experience and wisdom in socially relevant and sustainable ways.

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