This is so very nice. Thanks, Ronni. And thanks, Grannie Annie, for the idea.

Granny Annie, that is. :)

What a lovely idea. Thanks Ronni, and to Granny Annie for suggesting it. I hope I'm not on there for a long, long time.

Another outstanding idea, Ronni.
I must get busy and make sure I have info about this site available for my family if I "ever" need it. ;)

A great idea to be able to revisit these friends.

Death can be beautiful - when it gives release from suffering and pain. Death can be beautiful when it magnifies love through the comfort, the compassion and sympathy of friends and relatives.

Death can be beautiful when it binds those yet living more closely together, when it revives memories of a life which in its totality displayed a richness of texture and a strength of design in which the selflessness, tenderness compassion and generosity were merged. Death can be beautiful when in coming it opens the doors of life again - a life revealed in God's beyond and evermore.

Death can be a gift, a reward, a promise fulfilled, the essence of God's love. The sorrow itself, that trails the wake of death, is a quality and measure of love that is creative in that it requires us to re-examine the values we hold. It causes us to question the validity of our lives, it opens our hearts to renewed appreciation of those whom we still have to love and underscores the possibility of unpredictable loss.

Addie W. Williams


Poem I wanted to share here that my mom wrote concerning death.

Thanx Addie, for such a really FUN read!!! wonderful altitude w/o being too lofty.!!!

My son has been in a rehab/nursing facility healing a broken ankle on one foot and fractured toe on the other for the past 2 months. While he will be coming home shortly, most of the residents won't--they're nursing home clients. Visiting him frequently has plunged me into a constant reminder of death and its alternative and I must say death is more appealing. I only wish I was not afraid to take control of the process....I just realized I have a lot to say on this subject, so I won't clutter up your blog, but will write on my own.

The memorials are a good idea , of course. I love this blog.

Hello Ronni from Paris(France, in Europe, yes, still there!), it is a beautiful idea. Did you notice that the blog of Winston Rand is leading to a dead end (if it is how to spell it)?
Cheers. My blog was mentioned in a very popular French Magazine named l'Express in a special issue about 50 something and I am very proud of that!

Just before Christmas this year, Rick Westerman-Bellinger died. He kept his blog on Open Diary. Two other personal friends, who also kept their blogs on Open Diary died. Cosmo, named after her cat, died many years ago, and I was asked to take her blog down in 2009. A real loss. Marion Eskelson died January 2012, and I was asked to take her blog down too. Both these bloggers were elders with unique and slightly acid voices. Both died of cancer. I left the blogs up as long as I could hoping their online friends would read or copy words that especially touched them.

Thanks for giving us this space...even for those who live behind a wall.

They will be remembered as long as the site is here.

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