Tibs - the back-up's here :)

Hi Tony
Somebody who can keep me honest.

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Seriously?????? - you, of all people have NO Crosby, Stills & Nash rekkids???? - Really??? - I, at least have a compilation!!

Okay Tony, I have a couple on vinyl somewhere. Nothing on CD though.

CSN and CSNY are legend. Love all those guys. Of the band, CSNY, Young is my favorite in the solo column.

These are a good groups, and some are great, but why did you pick them and not dozens of others? What do the Kingston Trio (folk), have in common with Dion and the Belmonts (doo-wop), and what do either of them have in common with The Platters? And why did you throw throw in the Argyles, a B-List group who were one hit wonders? It's all a big mystery!

I just have a forlorn little request. You put such great music in these blogs, & I often want to own that exact same music. But of course I don't know who the artist is (I'm referring to the Bach post here). When you do one of those, would it be too much to ask if you could name the artist &/or the recording? I'd be ever so grateful!

Thank you for the selections of music and the fond memories of these recording artist. I seem to hold on to some of their records just for memory sake and have Johnny Ray and Eartha Kitt and also Marlena Dietrick singing to the troops in WWII.

Stupid question - what's your e-mail address - is it still the "mira" one - if not PM me

What do you think of Graham Abbot and his Keys to Music?..found this program a few months ago...just found you..I saw the person who founded TBG on TV.

Manhy thanks,


Hey, Peter, I have a blog about what turns BabyBoomers on - especially music - and I'm doing a post about your column here. But I have a couple of questions - can you email me? [email protected]

Tibs - re Bob resung - there's one you might not be aware of
Tim O'Brien does an exceptionally good version of "Senor(Tales Of Yankee Power)" on an album called Red On Blonde - I have the track on a Sugar Hill compilation called The Road Goes On Forever. 'tis good

I'm new here and just wanted to tell you I am injoying you site immensely. Thank you

Today while I listened to your musical selections, I also sang along... Had not forgotten any of the words to GlowWorm or You Belong To Me....
Did you ever hear JoStafford's really silly "You Was Tim-tation?" I probably still know the words to that one too...I think it was Spike Jones with Jo Stafford..
Music has always been my primary passion...choirs, choruses, went to radio shows in Hollywood every saturday in my early teens..(mid forties).Big Bands and Singers were on many radio shows. Also listened to records, 78's, 33.1/3, 45's...wish I still had my collection....
Taught myself to play harmonica, guitar, piano... Now play an Awesome arranger keyboard...has all instruments and many rhythms....
I really look forward to Time Goes By every Sunday...Keep up the good work! The oldies are the goodies for sure!

On that really silly "You Waz Tim-tation"....Jo Stafford was billed as, "Cinderella G. Stump."....


Hello Peter,
Thank you for your Elder Music column.

I look forward to it every week and it is like an unopened present for me just waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed.

Keep it up. You make my day.

I'm a relative newbie to this blog, but love it! I've really enjoyed your music posts, but have a technical question. How do you post the music to your blog? thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Peter,

I am a young man from China, and pretty like your post.Thanks for your job.

Your Sunday columns are a highlight of the weekend.
Re: Silly can you leave out LOUIE LOUIE???
To this day no one agrees on the lyrics and everyone eventually sings oeoeoeoI...oaoaoaoA.
It's all fun.

Love your music. Woody Guthrie was an amazing talent and inspiration, as you know. You may not know, as do I as an American living in the Scottish Borders, that Guthrie is a Scots name.

Hugh Peebles
Peebles, Scotland
Retired Teacher

Love your choice of music Peter. It brings me back to the 60's -where I remember some good times
visiting long narrow jazz clubs on the upper west side of NYC, somewhere around 54th, or 55th St. I don't remember all the artists but it was great fun and I loved the SCENE!!!

Hi Peter
I may have mentioned the pianist Dave Mckenna to you before (blame it on my being a senior if I did and don't remember it.) Anyway Dave McKenna was in my opinion a great stride pianist and played for many years with jazz groups and also did solo gigs and made CDs . Most of his recording was done with Concord. One of my favorites is "Dave Mckenna - A Celebration of Hoagy Carmichael". He played concerts in Japan and gigs in several places on Cape Cod, MA and also in my home area Albany NY. both solo and with groups. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago. I miss seeing him perform but I really enjoy listening to the CDs that I have and remembering this rather large expressionless man making beautiful music on the keyboard. Hope you get a chance to hear him.

Hey - nothing wrong with drinking wine while you're cooking so you have something to go along with the wine - I do it all the time. Love your music - especially enjoyed Summertime by various artists - especially Billy Holiday. Have you ever heard Madelaine Peyroux - a contemporary somewhat sound alike Biliy Holiday who writes a lot of her own music.?

Hey - nothing wrong with drinking wine while you're cooking so you have something to go along with the wine - I do it all the time. Love your music - especially enjoyed Summertime by various artists - especially Billy Holiday. Have you ever heard Madelaine Peyroux - a contemporary somewhat sound alike Biliy Holiday who writes a lot of her own music.?

Hey - nothing wrong with drinking wine while you're cooking so you have something to go along with the wine - I do it all the time. Love your music - especially enjoyed Summertime by various artists - especially Billy Holiday. Have you ever heard Madelaine Peyroux - a contemporary somewhat sound alike Biliy Holiday who writes a lot of her own music.?

Sorry Peter, I guess I posted two too many comments. that's what happens when you drink wine while you're cooking.

Ellen, we've included Madeleine Peyroux in several earlier columns, most recently with a Leonard Cohen song. Try the Search button on Peyroux to find the older columns. Happy listening!

Love the columns and look forward to more Ricky Nelson--he was soooo good!

Thanks Peter for "Coattails of the Beatles" Enjoyed listening to your selection and suggest you add at least three other major bands:
The Dave Clark Five eg "Glad All Over"
=The Hollies eg "Bus Stop"
=The Troggs eg "Wild Thing" These bands and many others are well represented on Youtube. As with the Stones and Beatles some of their early work was big here in England but barely made the top 100 in the States until they caught on...

Having just discovered Elder Music and TGB a few months ago, I am a bit late to the party. I love all your selections, find it delightfully eclectic.
If you haven't in the past, would you include Victor Borge in the mix at some point?
thanks for a lovely Sunday afternoon peruse.

Um, dude...

You rock!

Thanks and kudos to you and Ronni.

I am rather new to this site and utterly delighted to sing (and sometimes) dance along with many of the wartime-era tunes you generously give me. I love remembering the words to some Ink Spots' work. Q: Do you have "Java Jive" by chance?

Thank you so much!

Barbara just outside
Washington, D.C.

I'm back, just after posting the "Java Jive" question.

In addition to the Ink Spots, etc., I'm something of a Bach aficionada and just finished enjoying hugely the Bach cello suite No. 1.

You referred to having provided some other Bach work earlier, but I'm not sure how to find it in the list of your weekly offerings.

Any chance you can tell me on which weeks anything of Bach has been presented?

Thanks so much again for all you're doing by presenting us with such a variety of wonderful music.


Barbara, there is a Search box down on the right-hand side. Just enter Bach (or whatever else) and you'll get a list of the columns. Happy listening!

G'day Peter

Been really enjoying all your history of music - and just had to drop you a line when you hit my birthday year of 1955.... Nostalgia, terrific music, and so well presented in your inimitable way! Just keep it up Peter, your recipe for allowing everyone to enyoy such music trivia, fact, memories and soud, is something that we look lforward to getting every week from your Sunday column.

Cheers from Gaz and Betty VIC.
(kids of OL'55)

Kept expecting to see "Twilight" from the Moody Blues "Days of Future Passed" LP in today's column, as that LP is 50 years old now.

Thanks for your tireless work, your columns are a pleasure every week.

Hey Peter, Thanks for all you do here.
Suggestion from my own personal 'system'. I almost always need music in the background while working BUT I can't listen to rock/pop--virtually any type of music with vocals or amazing production values (think: Sgt. Peppers).

I have taken to listening to movie soundtracks. They are the current 'classical/symphonic' composers genre by necessity. I have actually had to go out and rent a movie or two just to see how a score weaved all the pieces together. Listen to the soundtracks to "The Imitation Game" or "Inception" for example. I think "The Imitation Game" movie was scripted for the music. It's that good! "Wonder Woman" is one of my current favorites. And my work gets done. :)

"See You Sunday!" Best!

I loved last weeks new artists. Still wading through the gems you shared. Brilliant

Thank you

Love the 1944 music you ran on Sunday 7/18/2018 in Time Goes By.
That and the 1940s are what I grew up on. Well, that and some or Mom's old 1920s-30s vinyls like Blue Skys, The Whistler, The Varsity Drag, and Once In A While. Sighhh
Dad taught me the Turkey Trot and the Cake Walk, and Mom taught me to d0 the Charleston to that music. I learned to Shimmy and Jitterbug on my own.

Please play more 1940s and 1950s for us Elders. We love a sweet memory, a catch in the throat and a small shower of tears once in a while

Just a tad patronising? Are you assuming it's because we're old that we can only appreciate the familiar, toe-tapping, hum-along extracts from classical pieces?

Peter, I wish I knew my Law books as you know your music. Awesome!!

Thanks for the Monk column today (from another jazz fan, obviously).

Peter, I just listened for the first time to your selection posted Sunday 27 July for
music with “Strange” in the vocals. And I LOVED your introductions and each and every record you played !!! Great music and took me back to the old days for sure - living in the UK in the late 5o’s then in the USA from 60’s to today. Thanks so much, I love your style.
Wendy, born and bred in B’ham, UK

I really appreciate this compilation: "1956 Yet Again." Terrific picks...already looking fwd to your next choices, please keep 'em coming!

Thank you for sharing your jazz expertise. I'll take Duke's "A Train" anytime it pulls away.

Please tell me that you will continue Elder Music even after the terrible loss of our beloved Ronni. Sundays have always been special because of your posts.

Hello, we all miss Ronni and now, for two weeks, I really miss your music selections..
Thank you for all the wonderful Sunday mornings.

Thanks for your kind words in the comments. This isn’t the way I wanted to end this, but then who chooses that sort of thing.

Wish there was a way to continue your music here. Thanks for all those notes you gave us

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