What a beautiful cat! Does she oversee you while you do your work?

I do ebay and have a new blog to develop, so I spend most of my time at the computer. If nothing else, I sit in front of the computer and knit or crochet things I sell on ebay. These are the things that keep me sane (at least I think I'm sane). Being unable to work and drive due to arthritis and eye problems, I would definitely go insane without these hobbies.Right behind me is a small table where my cat likes to sit so he can be close to me. Whenever he is tired of being ignored, he reaches out and claws at my back, and at least once a day he requires some serious cuddling.
I like that this blog is more for chatting than for info - there are lots of those. My blog is for fun as well, but we can get a little serious and share good advice we come across. So drop in and check out my blog STAY SAFE AND BE HAPPY!

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