Gee, I feel right at home here. The biggest difference is that I keep a roll of paper towels handy. :)

Aaah, I wish my desk was that neat! Hmm, maybe not-I'd never find anything. Is that a puppy on the floor, hoping you'll take his picture next?

How interesting where everyone blogs...since I don't have a blog nor want one...nor do I have a digital camera and don't know how to use one - if I had one - I can only say I love my little space with the cpu and desk etc.ala Louis Vuitton decor.

Looks familiar. I have pee pads under my desk.

You never know where you'll find you. *smile* You'll have to drop in to our virtual Open House starting December 26th on OD. We had a great time last time we did it. Willy is going to be Santa Claus. I'm one of the elves (if you can picture that). Hope you are well. Haven't talked to you in a bit.

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