Oh, my goodness!! That's the real thing!!

Is that cat the real thing too?

That cat thinks I turn on the lamp just for her comfort. She usually finds a way to "rearrange" any books or papers I have to make nice place to sleep. In this picture you can see that I disturbed her when I stood up and rolled back the chair. The cat is named Veneta. The dog is named Molly. They're usually both close by.

Frank, Ada loves it when I put on the light on my desk too. It shines warmly on her body as she lies on the blanket I have placed there for her.

Am so excited to see where you blog! What a great techie space you have there!

You're almost as bad as me ;)
Where do you sit, though?

Less than a week after I took that picture my dad had a stroke and for the last three months my life has been pretty mixed up helping dad and coming to terms with what assisted living means for him and what it might mean for Beth and me someday. Anyway, as I put my house back in order, I took the opportunity to clean up my workspace, and I have some pictures of it here:

Oh, I love this before and after. Cat, dog, and all. Delightful. I've just finished a major project and was going to move on to the next one today. You reminded me that I could clean up my mess first. Gee, I could see what my desk top looked like. Thanks for the smile, the newly hung pictures, and the monitors all at the same height. Great stuff.

I'm so sorry you cleaned up. I could relate to the first picture!

Loved the before and after! It gives me hope. Wishing you the best with your dad and the changing roles in this stage of his life and yours.

Frank, I'm sorry about your Dad. With modern medicine, who knows? It may turn out OK. Your 'before' picture looks so neat compared to mine; I can't even relate to the 'after.' I have so much data to input, and so little time, things sort of pile up....

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