What a beautiful room. The chair and desk don't look ergonomically correct, but if it works that's all that matters.

This is a sunny, light, airy, lovely space to work and play at a computer. Really like the color of the walls and those candles in the corner.

Oh, NOW I REALLY need to paint my office!! That's gorgeous!

Lovely space, Marcia! Seems quite suitable for you. :)

Oh I just love the space, Marcia, the colours are so inspiring - I must take a pic of mine when the sun comes back to it.

I love this space! What a beautiful place to write and relax.


This office space could have come out of Home and Garden. I want to move in.

when are you going to write another murder mystery .I hope it is soon

Thought this was about getting older. Anyway Stem Cell Vitamins help slow the aging process!

I love the natural light in that room and your decorating sense.

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