I enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely home.

I'm in love with your cob cottage! It's absolutely beautiful and even more enchanting, if that's possible, with the dusting of snow.
Thank you so much for sharing your little piece of heaven. I'll visit your blog often.

Thanks for the tour! What a charming, charming home you have!

Hi Marian: Lovely to run into again in cyberspace! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely space.

Warmest Regards - Taru

Now when I read Anthony Trollope (as in now), or read British mysteries, or watch British Comedies, or listen to Gardener's Question Time, I will be picturing the places I have seen in your photos.I'm in Texas but my heart (for 72 years) has always been in a place just like yours. Good for you! BTW, I found this site by looking for As Time Goes By - you know, the best British comedy ever, well, among others.

What a charming home, and surroundings! If and when I retire (I'm only 71, haven't had a job since 1995 when I 'retired') but been sooo busy ever since, I plan on living in such charming surroundings! We're busy building -& re-building- the place we've been in only 10 years, with the intent on making it look like we've spent the last 100 years here, and have it all low-maintenance. Well, that's the plan.

Your blog is exactly the kind that I have been seeking - warm and friendly and personal. I've spent time on the coast of England in cotswold and it remains the highlight of my travels with it's fresh fish and clotted cream and fresh strawberries. I admire your living style and picturesque surroundings. Thank you for letting me get to know you.

Thanks you, everyone, for all those lovely comments! Wish I could give you all hugs.

(oops! Why do I so often put an extra s on 'thank'?)

Your cottage and little village are so sweet and cozy! I often wish I could downsize to a small cottage. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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