I hope the cable people get there soon! Love your new place!

Do you often see smoke coming from your kitchen?? Yikes.

I see your model yellow VW on a shelf.

Check my blog last month when I showed a yellow VW with the hood up, smoke and steam pouring out as the engine over heated.

We converted to a wireless house some years ago, did it ourselves. We had to wait until we got cable -instead of dish-which made it much easier. The first router was a Netgear, which we matched with print servers and wireless adapters. recently we upgraded our router to an Apple, which was a smart choice! Totally seamless installation.

Oh my goodness. I just found this on TGB!! Yes, I do have wireless now, non-cable related, and it's been perfection from day one. Glad you liked my place, Kay. I live in a different place now, and I blog form the dining room table. The den is full of books and easels and paints! Plus several short tons of paperwork relating to retirement. My big blogging concern now is blocking spammers and noxious URLs.

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