After making the life-changing decision to free myself from the "shoulds, if onlys, maybes, and probably shouldn'ts," I DID! Yes, I decided, at my age as a "Senior" that I could do anything I chose to do without asking my parents or teachers, or employers for permission. I've followed the rules and taught my students to follow the rules all my life and it's time I chucked that entire rule itself. I have begun a mental list, which I probably should put to paper now since unexpected distractions sometimes keep me from my string of thoughts, of all the adventures I want to experience; it's now or never folks. I promised myself I'd ride every train in Colorado, bird watch-yes-and photograph every doggone goose in my hometown parks, talk to a homeless person resting on the street and ask their first name and where they were born and what their own talents and experiences in earlier life was like and ask if they are hungry. I want to learn how to play the piano by sight-never could train my Dyslexia to master the notes along with the keys; learn to play a small harp and rock out on jazz tunes for long periods of time, regain my American Sign Language skills, teach myself Spanish; visit with my new neighbor to listen to her play her piano-she lights up when I arrive and could play all day with someone to listen; adopt a fat, fuzzy cat but not become a "Cat Lady," and plant a hanging garden of herbs, vegetables and flowers. I'd grab a canvas and paint the sky with fluffy, floating clouds and play a flute and learn to dance a gig. I'd sit and listen to someone older than myself and marvel how someone else came through life alive against perhaps greater odds than I. I'd give thanks to God for His grace first of all and for the experience of seeing life through others' eyes. Then, I'd grab a rich, warm, frothy cup of coffee, put a small deb of vanilla ice cream into it and eat it along with a chocolate Eclair and never allow guilt to consume the pleasure of doing it in the first place. I'd live and live and live each day with joy, gratitude, and laughter; laughing at all the time wasted on regrets rather than joy. I'd remain in joy the balance of my time left. That's what I'd do until a better idea came along.

Sounds like an excellent plan and I wish you success.

As I read this, I was uplifted to my own reachable stars in the sky. And all else falls away.

What a great plan!

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