Nice set-up. Handsome lamp.

Wanted to read "Old Ladies blog" but when I clicked on her name, nothing happened.

Oops. My mistake. It's fixed now.

Little Old Lady has two things I envy; a nice view and a desk large enough to hold everything.

Darlene, I, too, am having an envy attack. I also enjoyed LOL's post, including exploring Santa Fe's Living Treasures program via LOL's link.

Thank you Ronni, nice touch, now I will always think of you having that splendid view outside while I am reading your columns (sp)...

Dear This beautiful office actually belongs to The Little Old Lady whose blog Ronni graciously posted in her list of Elder Bloggers. We enjoy our splendid view and working at our desk - an Italian door brought back by a cousin in younger years - and the lamp which we acquired at a tag sale held to benefit a local arts project, also many years ago. Tag sales are one of our great joys but alas, our senior years are about downsizing. This is a problem we have yet to solve. Perhaps you have some suggestions on how one can avoid hoarding. Love, the Little Old Lady

Since it appears it doesn't do much good to plan much of anything since the gov't is doing all of that for us...I have decided not to. Our future is so uncertain, that anything we plan will be out of date when we need it anyway. I'm just sitting back and watching it happen.

Would like to get to easy emailing to elders. I live in the south. I don't seemany south locations. I am an artist in my 70's in a small town. Nedd some stimulation. Thanks

It looks like another pretty view to gaze out on. And such a cozy spot to write.

I'm 84, live alone in a small town in Utah. It's beautiful Red Rock country. Most of my family and friends have passed on and it gets kinda' lonely here. I'm an artist and writer I stay busy, and don't get bored, but I miss being with people.

Enjoyed reading your blog. I also live alone in the desert. I am 79 and have issues too. Stay in the fight !

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