Looks like home to me. :)

Wally, I'd be right at home there! All those books and things to explore! Love the title of your blog also, & must go visit. Stop on by mine, too, if you like.

Cheers, ~Kathi

Yes, books gotta live where we live! Wonderful space to work in.

And I bet you know where everything is too.

Born 1938. The piles of books in your photo date it as yesteryear gear. For me, it's my recliner, my lap, a laptop and the world. More efficient and more complete than piles of books. Am I in trouble now?

I use my son's old bedroom for "My Room". It looks like yours. Not only do I have my books, but I also have my computer, printer, office supplies, wrapping papers and ribbons, extra everything in the house, all my sewing, crafts, and collections of gifts.
Truly, trying to enter my room is a challenge. But gee....I have to put the stuff SOMEWHERE!

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